CurrentGen’s Game of the Year Award 2012

Ladies, Gentleman, Bi-gendered CurrentGen readers and fans Solar System wide. Welcome to the First Annual 54th CurrentJennies, where we announce our Game of the Year for 2012. This year has been yet another great year for video games, however there was one stand out title that was the only choice to recieve the prestigious Jeannie.

So without further ado, let me announce the winner

Jeannie CurrentJennies

Now many of you may not have heard of Frog Fractions, however no other game released in 2012 is more deserving of the Jeanie than this. This humble and very educational mathematics game developed by Twinbeard Studios holds and deep dark secret – a secret leading to WARP DRIVE. The titular Frog unravels the mystery while in the midst of teaching compound fractions, and goes on an adventure like no other which sees him overcome adversity and prejudice to lead over former enemies in his adopted homeland.

I asked CurrentGen’s Luke Borrett, who holds a degree in English Literature and Film Studies, to better analyse the complex, emotional themes present in Frog Fractions.

Instead, he wrote a story.

“There is a legend at Mediatonic of a game called George Plimpton’s Video Falconry. (That is to say, I ramble about it a lot at my co-workers enough that one day it stuck.)

A lost classic

A lost classic

The bizarre sense of humour from mundanity, the actually cleverly overencumbered design, the increasingly surreal settings as a bonus level in a Falconry game has you driving a tank through Paris… Well, the important thing is even though this write up is about Frog Fractions, you should probably go play George Plimpton’s Video Falconry RIGHT NOW.

I knew it would appeal to some of them to the same weird extent it amused me. My Producer laughed as much as I did.

That’s why one night this year, when a Twitter notification popped up from him reading:

I knew this had to be good. Perfect for the man who introduced George Plimpton into my life, he said.

So as soon as I hit the link, I’m chuckling a bit to myself at the absurdity of the nonsensical fraction based score system of Frog Fractions. It seems relatively simple, but still I laugh.

Oh how wrong I was. One glance at the unlockable items for the game told me there was something more to it, but I was not prepared for just how deep this ridiculous rabbit hole goes. Once you discover how to get ‘Like a Billion’ apples, you’ll see. Once the Arc de Triomphe starts talking to you, YOU’LL KNOW.

Uncover the secret, and get like a billion fruit

Uncover the secret, and get like a billion fruit

I’m not going to delve too deep into the specifics of Frog Fractions, because it’s best to let the madness take you completely by surprise. It’s like a beautiful mad man’s lullaby.

All I will say is that we came back after the Christmas break and one guy on the team didn’t “get” Frog Fractions. A brief discussion later, talk of the West Wing and boxing commentary he paused and asked “Are we talking about the same game?”.

It turns out he never went beneath the water. Dive beneath the water. SEE HOW DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE GOES.”

We reached out to Jim Crawford, developer of Frog Fractions, with news that his game was winning the highly coveted Jeannie. “Linux User Magazine?” he said “I ‘ardly know ‘er!”

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