Power Rangers – A 20 year catch-up


Q: Why did Trini not have a skirt/have a bulge/I heard in Japanese the yellow ranger was a guy
A: The yellow ranger was originally a guy in the Japanese version. This happened a lot in the first ten years

Oh God

Oh God

Q: Is the original Power Rangers Movie canon?
A: No

Q: Is the Power Rangers Turbo movie canon?
A: Yes

Q: What happened to Bulk and Skull?
A: They spent the first season being dicks, the second season trying to figure out who the Power Rangers were and then police officers in the third series with ninja powers. In Zeo they were part of a detective agency after they were fired from the force. Can’t really remember what they did in Turbo, think they ran the juice bar/youth centre/gym that everyone in Angel Grove inexplicably hung out at.

In space though, they were searching for alien life. They appeared in like a few episodes and did very little UNTIL the last one where they had an I am Spartacus moment and tried to save the rangers. You see, they had this character arc of going from bullies to heroes in their own right. Ironic?

Q: What happened to the Zeo powers?
A: There’s like no official in-canon explanation. They just stopped using them because they ran out of Japanese footage really.

Q: So six series on one story then they rebooted?
A: The original Japanese show Power Rangers is based on changes every year. New actors, new suits, new powers, new bad guys. It was probably getting expensive to keep filming American action scenes with the old suits, so they decided to start changing the suits with each new series. They ran each series into the next to keep people watching with familiar characters until the decided to cancel the show after In Space. It did really well in the ratings, so they renewed it for…

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

  • Completely new set of heroes on a space station heading towards a new planet
  • They pull swords from the stone after accidentally going through a Stargate to the other side of the galaxy, and get powers tied to GALACTABEASTS, weird space animals that turn into robots
  • Bad guys are insect people who attack the space station to try and get their powers I think
  • They eventually beat the insect people, and crash-land on the planet they got their powers on
  • I thought it was bad

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  • Military run, emergency services themed Power Rangers fighting demons that live under the West Coast USA
  • Their base is under water
  • They have a train Megazord
  • Also bad

Power Rangers Time Force

  • Bad guy from the future comes to the year 2001 to change history and stop persecution of mutants like him, who he claims are falsely imprisoned in the utopic future society for just being mutants
  • The bad guy is Bennett from Commando
  • Chased back in time by four Time Cops, none of which are Jean Claude Van Damme. They meet a guy who is the ancestor of their commander who can activate their CHRONO MORPHERS. He becomes the Red Ranger, but the Pink Ranger is the leader
  • Apparently they have matrix bullet time powers
  • Red Ranger’s Dad is a business mogul, tries to charge the city for his ineffective PMC that fails to fight the time monsters. Red Ranger’s rival from school finds some super secret Time Force QUANTUM POWERS and becomes the Quantum Ranger
  • They beat the bad guys and go back to the future
  • Time Force is quite good!

Power Rangers Wild Force

  • A floating island in the shape of a turtle houses animal powers in crystals for some reason
  • They fight a guy who I think is trying to pollute the Earth?
  • It was a bit boring UNTIL they had all the past Red Rangers team up for one giant fan service battle on the Moon!
  • Then it ended and no-one cared about it anymore, including Saban who sold it to Disney

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • Three hip, young teens who like extreme sports are also secretly ninjas that are late to ninja class AGAIN! Oh, you guys!
  • Evil space ninjas attack and trap all the ninja students apart from them because they’re late. They also turn their master/teacher/sensei/whatever into a Guinea Pig
  • Two anti-hero Thunder Ninjas oppose them a bit, then join them
  • Turns out the evil space ninja leader is the twin-brother of the Guinea Pig sensei
  • Space ninja leader is dangerously genre savvy
  • They beat him after he unleashes all of his past monsters on them at once in the finale
  • I have a soft spot for this show and its cheesy rocking soundtrack

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • Dinosaurs again, heroes are school kids
  • Tommy falls into a coma and fights imaginary versions of himself as past rangers, including White and Green Ranger
  • White Ranger is evil, his Dad is the main bad guy, Dad and main bad guy split from each other, White Ranger turns good
  • Not bad?

Power Rangers SPD

  • Set in the not-too-distant future where Aliens are everywhere!
  • Also, the Power Rangers are space police
  • And they’re the “B-team” Power Rangers
  • Their commander is an anthro-dog furry thing
  • They fight crime and do Police-y stuff, like pilot giant robots that do John Woo gun jumps
  • They beat some ultimate evil, the end, not a bad series

Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • Magic!
  • Wizards!
  • Needlessly convoluted relationships!
  • Revolving door of villains you don’t have any time to get attached to!
  • Rita Repulsa as the mistress of all good magic!
  • They kill the devil in the finale?
  • It was bad

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  • Indiana Jones meets Power Rangers
  • Not as good as that may sound?
  • Red Ranger’s Dad is a super rich guy that creates the Ranger powers so they can find special gems for a special crown that is like the Dragon Balls or Chaos Emeralds
  • Also, it turns out the Red Ranger is a robot created by his Dad because he didn’t have time to sex up a son. There is no emotional reaction to this revelation because all the characters are terrible
  • Apart from the Blue Ranger who is a stuntman in the show, and basically references all the crap the real Power Rangers stunt men go through
  • JOHNNY YONG BOSCH returns for the 15th anniversary episode, does not use a stunt double because he’s a total badass. He mo-capped Nero in DMC 4 as well as voicing him
  • Series is not well received because it is bad

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

  • Kung Fu students become Power Rangers to stop evil beast spirits
  • They live and work in a pizzeria
  • Easy-going, light-hearted Power Rangers series, comparitively
  • The Yellow Ranger would go on to be “the slutty one” in Cabin in the Woods
  • Eh, it had its moments. Bad ranger outfits though

Power Rangers RPM

  • Gritty, well-written, post-apocalyptic Power Rangers in an alternate Universe to all the other Ranger series
  • (Yes, up until this point, every single series of Power Rangers is in the same Universe)
  • Based on comedy series with talking animal cars, shows
  • Remaining humans on Earth live in a dome after computer virus becomes Skynet and pollutes the world, then attacks people with robots
  • Ranger’s mentor apparently created the virus while in a government run research facility
  • Black ranger and sexy bad robot lady are siblings, both are partially cybernetic
  • Surprisingly well acted
  • One of the best Power Rangers?

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai

  • Disney sells Power Rangers back to Saban, and they make a direct adaptation of the Japanese original
  • Demons living on the Japanese equivalent of the River Styx come to Earth through gaps and cracks in walls and pavements and such to terrorise people
  • Samurai Rangers that have been active for hundreds of years fight to stop them, passing their powers down onto their children
  • Bulk returns with Skull’s son, Spike
  • Red Ranger is actually not the Red Ranger! Gasp! His sister is! She’s supposed to be the leader/Red Ranger!
  • Badly acted, aired on Nick over two years due to constraints on episodes per series

And now, currently airing is Power Rangers Megaforce. High school teens that can’t act very well are chosen by a tiki head to become Power Rangers, they use (collectible trading) cards to fight aliens. Next year, they get a power-up to use the powers of all past Rangers. Here’s a preview of what to expect straight from the Japanese original, Gokaiger.

They will release figurines that turns into keys of all the past Rangers. It may well bankrupt me.

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