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CurrentGen is a website for the Nerd Generation, featuring opinions and ramblings by game developers and game writers. Some of the topics we like to talk about include TV shows, cartoons, movies, tech, comics, and of course, games.


Rob “Thez” Zwetsloot

A tech and game journalist, Thez is a fan of Science Fiction, Phones, and Anime. He has strong opinions on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mobile Suit Gundam, among many other things.

Luke Borrett

Luke is the Quality Assurance department for Indie Game Studio Mediatonic

Phil Cordaro

Joe Dart

You can also catch Joe at GamerBlog64


Our theme music is produced in-house by our talented musician, close friend, and number 1 fan, Matt Javanshir.

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For any of the above content, normal copyright law applies. You may of course contact us and ask permission to use it though.