The All New CurrentGenCast – 3rd June 2012

Like a bus, you wait forever for posts on CurrentGen, and two come at once.

I actually never got that cliche though – the most bus travel I ever did was in Southampton which has a really great bus system. I digress though, as we have an all new podcast.

That’s right, Phil and Thez are back, talking about the topics that matter. Like what we’re doing now, fast food, Japanese Power Rangers Parodies, the Young Justice cartoon, and more.

You can find me, Thez, now writing for the Linux User & Developer magazine and website, and Phil is starting to podcast with True PC Gaming.

We hope to have another cast soon!

– Thez

Back: Phil and Thez

BGM: Fez

Monday Newscast – 17th October 2011

Argh, my computer is still janking hard lately. I think the problem is with my mouse, rather than the PC itself, though. It just keeps doing this annoying “double click when I only mean to click once” thing that is infuriating and turning down the sensitivity on double clicking doesn’t seem to help at all.

It’s times like these I really need a pick-me-up, and that’s why I’m so glad we here at Currentgen are sponsored by Relentless energy drink (by Coca-Cola but forget about all that evil coke stuff for a second). Giving us all the energy we need at the most crucial times at an affordable price point with a great flavor to boot, Relentless energy drink is the perfect thing to keep you going. Next time you’re at your local supermarket, try a can!

– Phil

Full of Energy! – Phil and Thez

BGM: Gunstar Heroes

PS. For the record all these corporate sponsorships are totally fake and a joke in case McDonald’s and Coke are building a case against us. Besides, I prefer RC Cola anyway.

PPS. Apparently they have RC Cola in England now by the way.